We take special pride in taking care of our customers, and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. From off-hour appointments to finding a that special something your looking for , we will work hard and without compromise to service your needs. If you have ever thought “I wonder if they do that?”, just ask … at Oro Vitchenza the answer is usually yes.

Custom Design

A gift of fine jewellery often becomes a treasured and loved possession that has both symbolic and true emotional meaning. Why settle for a mass produced ring, bracelet or necklace when you can just as easily make a piece truly your own by having Oro Vitchenza custom it? Whether your preference is gold, silver or platinum, Oro will develop a series of preliminary sketches that will form the basis of a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Off-Hour Appointments

We recognize that the demands on your schedule can sometimes make it difficult to drop by the store – especially if there is more than one person involved in picking out a piece of jewellery. With sufficient notice, we can arrange an appointment past our closing time. There is something magical about a quiet jewellery story at night, and when picking out a piece that will stay with the family for generations, a little bit of magic is always welcome.

Jewellery Appraisal

Have you ever received a piece of jewellery and wondered… “I wonder how much this is worth?”. To satisfy both curiosity and the insurance company, a good strategy is to obtain a jewellery appraisal from a qualified and certified expert.


Oro Vitchenza Jewellers is proud to be located in a great city, limassol, Cyprus, One of the advantages of our location is our ability to quickly deliver product throughout the world.

Repair or Redesign Jewellery

Do you have an old piece of jewellery that is just collecting dust? Maybe its in need of repair, a reminder of a painful memory or simply not to your tastes? Bring it on down to the store and we’ll give you a free appraisal of what value it may possess, and let you know if we would be interested in perhaps purchasing it our accepting it as a trade on something more to your liking.